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Table up Broaching Machine for Internal Broaching

...Ideal For Spline Broaching, Keyway Broaching, or any Internal Broaching Operations.

Cut away shows how an Internal Broach is anchored top and bottom while work piece is pulled upward on traveling platform securely guided on (4) massive corner guided posts. Internal broaching can also be done on any of our standard broaching machines. Common applications would be Broaching Internal Splines, Keyway broaching, Irregular shapes or any hole configuration. 

Table Up broaching machine video - click to view
Description of table up broaching machine heavy duty table up broaching machine
Automatic pull up operation
  • Dual palm button activation sends table in...Broach handler lowers Broach through work piece engaging Broach shank bottom Gripper mechanism.
  • With Broach ends locked top and bottom, traveling platform pulls fixtured work piece upward over stationary Broach to complete cut.
  • Now top Broach gripper retreats to permit part ejection via gravity conveyor to another station or part return to start position...shuttle out...repeat.

Note: Models available in forces from 7.5 Ton through 50 Ton and stroke lengths 36" through 100".



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