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Fully Automated
Broaching Machine
with Secondary Operations


From automated multi-tasking broaching machines utilizing input and output part conveyors, and pick and place loading, to stand alone multi purpose broaching machines, let us design a broaching system for you that meets the tough demands for today's manufacturing environment. For all your broaching and manufacturing needs, we can provide you a quality solution at an affordable price. Miles can combine broaching with secondary operations such as drilling and or reaming, on a multi station machine. 
Separate hydraulic power system meets ram force (push/pull) requirements up to 12 ton.
Max. Broach speed, 120 FPM (up to 180 FPM available).
Models: 18", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 60" stroke.


automated broaching machine using secondary operations

Horizontal Broaching Machine


Our Horizontal broaching machines are very Economical and a good choice for internal broaching applications. They are available in a wide variety of tonnages and broach strokes to suit any broaching application.
Broach stroke length is also fully adjustable permitting faster production rates when full stroke is not required.
Max. Broach speed,  (up to 120 FPM available).
Models: Up to 60" stroke.
Max Tonnage: Up to 80 tons.


Horizontal Broaching Machine
Heavy Duty
Horizontal Press

Horizontal Press Beige color
(Click Parts for large view)
Ty Miles Horizontal Presses are excellent for applications such as Internal Blind Forms.
These machines can also be utilized as part of an automated manufacturing line.
Max Tonnage: Up to 200 tons of force.
Some features include: 
*  Cast iron column and heavy duty fabricated base.
*  Precision ground fixture mounting plate and work area.
*  Ram stroke fine adjustment.
*  Gib guided rectangular ram.


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